Sunday, June 20, 2010


I thought I was going to give up on the blog thing because I have the "who cares about me enough to read my blog" syndrome. But I decided to start it up again because although I originally thought my life got slightly more boring after graduation, I still have fun, awesome things going on, and want to write about them!
#1 - I graduated! That's nuts. Oh how far I've come since my past thoughts of "I'm not sure college is for me." HA. Oh really, Faith? One of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten was from Alyse during my freshman year at Tech. "Is it possible for you to just take things less seriously?" I took seriously the reality that I knew I needed to transfer schools, and then the 'taking things as serious and intense as possible phase' ended. I got to Rutgers and loved every second of it, mainly the lacrosse part, and teammates part (Obviously). I could play lacrosse for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure. I miss it so much already.
#2 - I'm training for a race!! It's a 92 mile team running race that I'm running with 6 other dudes. Lord help me. I've reached out to Oliver Knowlton about how to train and which phases to run, etc etc. I'm excited!! But one thing: I thought I had my DAD'S GENES!!! Apparently not his long distance running genes because this mess is ROUGH! I ran 4 miles today at 2 in the afternoon and I'm dead. Lord help me.

One thing I am looking forward to is running a) because my pops is going to be proud and b) for our little sister Genna. She has NF, a type of brain cancer, and came to many of our games at school. She is the sweetest, most upbeat, awesome, kind, creative, and energetic little girl and if I complete this race for any reason it's going to be because Genna has overcome SO many challenges and she's basically only half my age. GO her!

My next post is going to be about soccer and this world cup stuff... people may be mad at me.. but they'll deal.



  1. ok i'm a faithsix "follower."
    makes me think of that song that goes "I will follow Him. Follow Him wherever He may go! There isn't a mountain too high, an ocean to wide that could keep...keep me away. Away from His love." Good one.
    Also very pertinent to your run and reasons for it, right?! Yay

    I think it's all about the routine with these runs...and people to hold you accountable won't hurt. Who are your 92 mile partners? Oliver will have great advice I'm sure. Court said to me last summer when I started getting rid of my pregnancy weight (as I was unknowingly putting more on at the same time) 'you know, it's not a race. you can listen to Bob Dylan or something mellow and not have to feel like you always need to be rocking out to Rhianna or Beyonce. Just take your time and think about stuff and try to enjoy it.' She's so right.

    Make new playlists a lot to keep the variety going.
    Love you.
    Good time to be a blogger as you are in transition.
    Maybe mom should be paying you to be her personal moving assistant and nurse. Ha. not the best for the resume, but still.

  2. Um, running at 2 pm when it's 42,000 degrees and 200 percent humidity is always bad. Granted, I think running in any temperature for any distance is unpleasant...but G keeps me going, too. ; )

    Hey, good luck in your training...we will be rooting for you! : ) : ) : )
    The Cams Crew