Friday, July 2, 2010

I just got home from a fun week in Minnesota! Lucky me, I got to be nanny aunt faith for the week. Having a niece and nephew is really the best thing ever. I flew to Chi-town and then to Fargo, and I'm convinced they are the 2 windiest cities in the country. Not fun in little planes! Barf.
Teags is starting to talk a lot and is on her way to being a sweet lax player after I brought her 1st stick in my bag. Not sure if she knows exactly what to do with it.. but it's cool, she'll grow into it, I'm convinced (it's in the genes).
My race training was put on hold this week. Oops. I thought about running every day, but couldn't get myself to do it. It's fine, I'm not trying to be Usain Bolt (spelling is prob totally wrong), just trying to finish the race, which I know I'll do. Plus, running in that wind is not worth it. Although I did manage to buy a "Run for your life" Fargo Marathon t-shirt, ha. Acting like I actually ran it! How funny. We can pretend.
I went straight from Newark airport into the city last night to meet some friends, slept there, then this morning transferred my clean stuff from my "fargo bag" into my "maryland bag" for a coaching trip I'm about to leave for in an hour. Driving south + 4th of July weekend = pray for me!

I considered for about one second smuggling fireworks back with me, but considering the security lady in the Fargo airport blacklighted my ID, that would not have been smart.

Off to watch tennis. Perfectly happy to switch my attention from World Cup to Wimby.

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